Silyzit – the „spherical pore“ alternative in special grain sizes

Silyzit CSH-granulate (Tobermorit)

Under the trade name of SILYZIT® we sell CSH-granulates.

SILYZIT® are mineral granulates of different grain sizes, based on calcium silicate hydrate, mostly Tobermorit.  Due to the special manufacturing process, the granulate features a high percentage of spherical pores. The application characteristics of this granulate result from the interaction of its specific structure and formulation.

SILYZIT® is manufactured in various facilities in Germany from secondary resources. So we can avoid long transportation routes and save resources – an out-and-out environment friendly product for your application purpose. The high moisture content increases the bulk density of the granulate, while not affecting its flow behaviour. Depending on the application, different grain sizes are needed.
We offer SILYZIT® in grain sizes from 0 to 1 mm and 0.5 to 5.6 mm.
Special grain sizes are available at request.

Download data sheet 0,1 - 2 mm here

Download data sheet 0,5 - 5,6 mm here

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